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Whale Watching Experience

Quick Details

Adult Ages 11+
Kid Ages 5-10
Private / Group Tour Up to 15 people

Relaxing Whale Watching Trip

Thanks to the warmth and richness of our seas, every year, different types of cetaceans come here to provide a unique encounter to visitors and locals alike. With Cabo Expeditions, you can enjoy whale watching in Cabo San Lucas in a simple way, without losing the educational experience and personalized attention that we are known for.

Enjoy the fresh sea breeze as you cruise comfortably aboard our spacious fiberglass skiff. Your ride is equipped with a sunshade that will work hand in hand with your sunblock to help protect your skin from the sun.

We’ll set our own pace and try to observe whales with a few boats around them; we don’t want to cause them undue stress in their natural habitat. While waiting for the whales to take a breather, get to know your fellow guests or listen to your expert guide as he shares his local knowledge of these magnificent marine mammals born in Mexican waters.

Why Choose Cabo Expeditions for Whale Watching?

  • We offer THREE unique Cabo San Lucas whale watching tours that provide amazing, up-close and personal encounters with whales!
  • We accept only small groups to guarantee the personal service you deserve.
  • Our guides are certified in emergency response training to keep you and your family safe.
  • “Save the Whales” is more than a slogan for Cabo Expeditions—it’s a job description. We’re dedicated to rescuing whales in trouble.
  • We’re the only whale watching tour company in Los Cabos trained and authorized to do this serious work.
  • Our loyal staff reflects our values of respect and fairness. Many have been with us since our beginning. This goodwill spills over into a heartfelt courtesy and care for our guests.
  • Our conservation campaign Cabo Consciente and day-to-day operations demonstrate a respect for the environment in every small thing we do.

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