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FlyBike Express Ages 10+
Los Cabos FlyBike Ages 10+
Observer Accompanying Adults

Ride a Bike Above the Sea of Cortez!

If you think that riding jet skis or any other watercraft while in Los Cabos is fun, then check out FlyBike! The FlyBike is a jet propulsion-powered device that allows you to be sitting down or standing up. With the handlebars to control your flight, you will be doing turns and dips above the Sea of Cortez in no time!

A Jet-Propelled Bike Gives More Oomph to your Regular Cabo Water Sport Experience

If you can ride a bike, you can FlyBike! Cruise in comfort, fly high or dive underwater for brief durations. With the right skills, you can also perform freestyle tricks as long as you are clear of any other people or boats.

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