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JetBlade Express Ages 10+
Los Cabos JetBlade Ages 10+
Observer Accompanying Adults

Fly High Above the Sea of Cortez on a JetBlade

If you have ever dreamed of being able to fly above the ocean and perform somersaults in the air, this hydro jet-propelled board can make that dream a reality.

The two swivel feet on the JetBlade are independent of each other, giving you a wide range to turn quickly and flip high. Your friends will be awestruck when you show off the cool videos and photos our photographer will take of you.

Los Cabos JetBlade: Taking Cabo San Lucas Jetboarding to a Whole New Level

Whether you are a beginner or if you are ready to take jetboard hydro-flight to the next level, the Los Cabos JetBlade is for you! You will find yourself flying in the first five minutes on a JetBlade, turning and balancing on your own.

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