Cabo San Lucas with Kids: 17 Awesome Things to Do!

If you thought Cabo San Lucas was just for adults, you’re mistaken. It can totally be a young person’s hang-out—and we don’t just mean college kids. It can also be the place where your little ones have the time of their lives! Here are 17 awesome things to do in Cabo San Lucas with kids:

Great for Little Kids

1. Dig up treasure on Médano Beach.

Little ones love sand and water, so take a spade, a bucket, and maybe a ball, and go to the beach! Médano Beach in Cabo San Lucas is the safest beach for families. Why? It’s located on the sheltered Bay of San Lucas, where the waters are calm, not like the riptides and undertow that threaten most other Cabo beaches.

Before you head out, check the day’s conditions, as wind and weather change, and you’ll want to pick the optimal day for enjoying the sand, seawater, clean desert air, and warm Cabo sun (with sunscreen, of course!).

2. Dive deep in Cabo Submarine.

Marine creatures in their natural habitat amaze kids all ages, but sometimes the littlest ones have trouble snorkeling. Take them safely underwater in semi-submersible Cabo Submarine. The top deck stays above the surface, while below deck, your child will be able to peer through the windows at a fishy wonderland. From the safety of your lap, your tot will love the color and movement of the strange and wonderful cast of characters beneath the waves. Your guide will teach you their names with fish-identification cards. It’s biology class for babies! No snorkel gear required.

3. Get up-close-and-personal with animals at Wild Canyon’s Kingdom.

Little ones need to touch everything! And nothing gets them giggling more than hands-on interaction with adorable rescued animals. Guided encounters at Wild Canyon’s Kingdom with furry and feathered friends create teachable moments. Kids learn about the needs of diverse species, and a biologist shows them how to be responsible caretakers of our fellow Earthlings.

4. Aid in conservation with a baby turtle release.

Your child can help local turtle lovers protect these endangered creatures. Adopt your own hatchling to release to the sea, then liberate the rest of the nest!

Perfect for Older Kids

5. Whale watching is a MUST!

Cabo in winter is the center of a mass migration of whales. Acrobatic breaching humpbacks steal the show, but many other species give birth here as well:

  • Gray whales
  • Blues whales (the largest animal ever)
  • Dolphins
  • And more!

Kids love our fast and stable Zodiac boats that get them right into the action.

6. Gear up for snorkeling.

Snorkeling is fun for everyone, and it’s easy even for novice swimmers. Cabo Expeditions knows the best beaches for kids to get their snorkel on, where the reefs support a rich and varied community of marine life. We’ll supply the snorkels and masks; you supply the curious child.

7. Swim with whale sharks.

For bragging rights back at school, nothing matches a leisurely paddle with the largest —and the largest shark—in the world. It also happens to be the gentlest. The beautiful fish with the starry pattern show up to feed in the Bay of La Paz, and they can grow to as long as 30 feet—the size of a school bus! They chug along, gulping plankton as they go.

8. Go sportfishing.

There’s nothing like the pride that comes with catching your own fish! Build your child’s confidence—and maybe even pique their interest in fish as a healthy food. Sportfishing by the rich and famous put Cabo on the map, but anyone can get enjoyment from this fun activity. Favorite fish to catch are:

  • Yellowtail
  • Wahoo
  • Tuna
  • Marlin
  • Mahi mahi

9. Hit the hiking trails.

Going to Baja is like taking a child to another planet. Embrace the wild desert and its wildlife. Its geology is like a moonscape, and its botany is weird, from the boojum tree to barrel cacti. Start local in the craggy rocks that rise behind Los Cabos, and then take in the serene view that stretches beyond Land’s End to infinity. Pretend with your child that you’re aliens visiting earth. The only thing that makes hiking better is hiking with a little imagination!

10. Look up! Watching the birds.

Introduce your child to a love of nature through this inexpensive, enriching hobby. It’s a great way to bond with your child as you learn about the birds you see and hear.

The San Jose del Cabo estuary draws over 100 species of birds, from Xantus’ hummingbird with the shimmering green head and white eye stripe to Belding’s yellowthroat, a pert yellow bird wearing a black mask.

things to do in Cabo San Lucas with kids

Give your junior birder a small camera, so they can capture images of their quarry. Maybe they’ll pick up a love of photography!

11. Sleep beneath the stars when you camp.

Hiking and exploring the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains—a UNESCO-designated global biosphere reserve—brings the true Baja experience to life. When you camp overnight, far from the electric grid, the stars come closer than a child from an urban metropolis can imagine. It’s a light show that humans have been watching for millennia.

Take a star map to start a conversation about constellations, mythology, astronomy, and space. Our office can refer you to a seasoned guide to show you the way!

12. Take a trip back in time to Espiritu Santo Island.

This raw, remote island is a protected nature preserve where you’ll find totally quiet, private beaches. Kids love observing the sea lion colony, where a raucous shouting match goes on between sea lions and blue-footed boobies. Snorkeling with sea lions is a wild adventure that thrills even the most jaded teen.

13. Go off-road on horseback or ATV.

Mexico is the land of the caballero; horses are almost religion of their own. A day exploring beaches and desert on horseback will never be forgotten. Sometimes a special bond forms between a horse and a child.

Kids who like their adventures rough and dusty will love traveling by ATVs (ADD HYPERLINK: It’s a great way to explore the dry rivers and hardy wildlife of this isolated peninsula!

Cultivate a Little Culture

14. Visit the art galleries.

San Jose del Cabo’s galleries are proud of their world-class art. The quiet colonial town makes a charming change of scenery from the hubbub of Cabo San Lucas 20 miles away. Kids go for the high-energy colors of Huichol beadwork. Your 21st-century urban child just might be fascinated by traditional Mexican handicrafts!

15. Watch glass become art.

Kids of all ages love to watch things being made. The Glass Factory in Cabo San Lucas has a “hot shop” where you can watch the art of glass-blowing in action.

things to do in Cabo San Lucas with kids

16. See historic sights.

Take the kids back to Spanish colonial times in the city of San Jose del Cabo. The mission town delights with its tree-lined streets of colonial architecture and offers the opportunity to explore the impact of world history. Jesuits from the other side of the world built the town’s cathedral in 1730 to spread Catholicism. The priest was murdered by the natives when he insisted they give up polygamy. When worlds collide!

In Cabo San Lucas, the natural history museum offers an educational opportunity to consider the flora, fauna, and geology of this unique region. It’s great for kids who like bugs and skeletons!

17. Indulge in food and festivals.

The festivals that roll through the year bring special dishes and events. In July, two religious festivals fill the streets with music, parades, and vendors of food and crafts. July 16 marks the Feast of the Virgin of Carmen, protector of Mexico. A parade of schoolchildren, mothers with families, and puppeteers marches through Cabo San Lucas. July 25 is the Fiesta of St. James the Apostle, patron saint of Spain credited with bringing Catholicism to Mexico. Shops close, and parties fill the streets. Men on white horses represent the saint, re-enacting battle skirmishes in the town square.

For a treat, take the family to Flora Farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. The 10-acre farm models organic farming, where weeds are pulled by hand and plants fertilized with compost. At Flora Farm Summer Camp, kids learn to cook, garden, and take care of animals. The popular restaurant serves fresh, creative dishes on beautifully set tables.

Travel increases a child’s creativity and emotional flexibility. Children who travel develop a wider perspective on life as they explore a different language, different customs, and different landscapes. Cabo San Lucas offers an almost endless supply of things for your young one to enjoy—and ways for them to learn!

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