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Who is Cabo Expeditions?

Cabo Expeditions is one of the most respected and credible sea, ocean and land tour operators in the destination. We offer you over a decade and a half of experience providing excellence in quality, service and intimate whale watching tours as well as innovative water and land activities in Los Cabos, Mexico. With over 50 team members, we specialize in combining fun with education while providing that once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our single-most focus is to provide an excellence in service.

Who makes up the team at Cabo Expeditions?

Cabo Expeditions has numerous departments within the company including operations, logistics, administration, captains and guides just to name a few. All of your guides are federally accredited, bilingual and licensed and have extensive training in case of emergencies. Over the years, we have had constant feedback that our guides and the entire team at Cabo Expeditions are some of the best in Los Cabos. We have one of the highest service standards in the destination.

Is Cabo Expeditions expensive?

Cabo Expeditions is very affordable. Our prices per activity or tour will vary depending on the type of tour requested. However, we also provide private, exclusive VIP tours as well. We offer numerous quality activities with exceptional service and, at the most affordable price. We do not like to call our tours or activities, tours and activities. We prefer to call them “experiences.”

Why has Cabo Expeditions been so successful for over 15 years?

Our innovation at Cabo Expeditions is unheralded. Cabo Expeditions provides Intimate Whale Watching tours on Zodiac boats where you can actually hear the whales sing as we drop specifically-designed microphones below the water. Additionally, we offer underwater-walking tours on the bottom of the ocean floor (only about 20 feet deep) called the Sea Trek; SNUBA tours which allow for a tame semi-SCUBA diving and snorkel experience, parasailing, a 2-bay snorkel excursion, a clear-bottom kayak excursion with snorkeling, and also guided and chauffeur-driven city tours.Within only the last year 3 years, new adventures such as Swimming with Whale Sharks, a multi-day island hopping excursion in the Sea of Cortez, and a multi-day Whales of Baja expedition have allowed the company to soar to new heights.

Is Cabo Expeditions family-friendly?

Cabo Expeditions is one of the most family-friendly eco-tour companies in Mexico. Our Cabo tours range from complete city tours to aquatic activities to actual expeditions which are perfect for the entire family. In fact, majority of our adventures have a minimum age limit of five years old. Other activities such as Sea Trek and SNUBA, which require slightly more advanced swimming skill sets, are provided with minimum ages of seven.We encourage family activities at Cabo Expeditions and have been voted by families as the #1 Whale Watching Company for 12 consecutive years.

When is whale watching season?

Whale Watching in Los Cabos begins legally and approved by SEMARNAT on December 15th and extends through April 15th, each year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sea Trek at Cabo Expeditions:

What sort of experience is required to try Sea Trek?

Can you walk? Can you breathe? That’s all you need to be able to have the experience of a lifetime with Sea Trek at Cabo Expeditions.

How long is the Sea Trek Adventure at Cabo Expeditions?

The entire Sea Trek Adventure is conducted in approximately one hour. Sea Trek was purposely developed for those who would like to safely explore underwater without the investment of precious vacation time in specialized training.

The Sea Trek program includes the following:

  • Sea Trek presentation/orientation – approximately 10 minutes
  • Underwater exploration – approximately 25 minutes
  • Memories – for a lifetime

What’s more, we include a light lunch afterwards. The entirety of your tour is approximately 2 1/2 hours.

How safe is Sea Trek?

For 18 years, Sub Sea Systems has set the standard for participant safety in the aquatic attraction industry – and that commitment to safety extends to every aspect of the Sea Trek experience. Some noteworthy safety features of the Sea Trek Helmet Diving System include the following:

  • 3 times the amount of air needed for normal breathing is delivered to the helmet;
  • Sub Sea Systems has conducted over 1 million incident-free experiences to date;
  • All tours are led by trained Sea Trek professionals;
  • To further enhance the safety aspect of the experience, Sea Trek is conducted in depths of less than twenty feet of calm water in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo Expeditions has not had a single incident to date since opening Sea Trek in 2003.

How do you breathe and is it difficult?

Breathing in a Sea Trek diving helmet is no different from how you breathe every day.

What equipment do I wear?

A bathing suit is all you need. Cabo Expeditions always offers a wetsuit and provides CROCS sandals which is used for your added comfort and protection.

What if I become uncomfortable below the surface?

Our primary goal is to see that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. A certified Sea Trek Guide is always nearby and your air supply is constantly monitored. This activity is conducted at your level of comfort.

Will there be a guide on my Sea Trek Adventure?

Always – but not just a guide – a thoroughly trained and certified Sea Trek Guide and at least two safety divers in scuba. Having operated the largest network of underwater aquatic centers worldwide, Sub Sea Systems and Cabo Expeditions have set the standard for participant safety in the aquatic attraction industry in Los Cabos with an unparalleled safety record.

What about the pressure build-up in my ears?

Equalizing is done the same way you would on an airplane. You can yawn, swallow, and even reach inside your Sea Trek helmet to equalize pressure changes at various depths.

Can I wear my prescription glasses with the Sea Trek helmet on?

Yes, you can wear your prescription glasses, contact lenses, or even your sunglasses if you want to look cool during your underwater excursion.

What will I see on my Sea Trek adventure?

Sea Trek adventures are unique to their location and in Los Cabos you will see scores of tropical fish, sea lions and much more. Our open ocean tours are conducted from a secure platform.

Can I participate in Sea Trek if I’m pregnant?

In Los Cabos, the Sea Trek activity is not permitted at Cabo Expeditions if you are pregnant according to tourism standards.

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