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Is Parasailing Scary? 7 Reasons It’s the Best Thing You’ll Do on Your Cabo Vacation

Popular all over the world, parasailing is taking off in Cabo San Lucas. As you soar high above the beautiful water and amazing views, it’s natural to feel a bit unsure. After all, more than 23 million people say they have a fear of heights!

But part of the fun of vacation—and especially parasailing—is safely pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

First, we’ll tell you why parasailing is something you don’t want to miss. Then we’ll provide some tips for calming any concerns you have, so you don’t pass on an unforgettable experience!

Here’s why you need to put parasailing at the top of your itinerary:

1. Views You Can’t Get Any Other Way

From above the Sea of Cortez, you’ll witness magnificent views of the rugged Cabo coast, where the Sea of Cortez meets the mighty Pacific Ocean. You’ll soar up to 600 feet, depending on wind and water conditions. From there, you’ll enjoy Lovers’ Beach, Land’s End, the Arch, and the entire Cabo shoreline—a view only the birds usually get!

Once you’re finished flying high, your boat staff will bring you back to where you started: dry and sitting on the boat deck—safe and exhilarated.

2. The Feeling That You’re Flying

Parasailing literally gives you a lift. Who doesn’t envy the birds? You’ll be floating alongside the magnificent frigate bird. See if you can spot the school of fish he’s tracking like a drone on high!

Besides the physical lift into the air, you might experience an emotional lift. Skydivers often talk about the silence, the beauty, the peace… Why should they have all the fun?

3. Unimaginable Quiet

You might be up high, but flying in an airplane—with the noise, vibration, and stuffy air—is no fun. Parasailing is serene—a quiet you’ve never heard before and have to experience to believe.

Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth… And danced the skies…high in the sunlit silence.
– John Magee

4. Security

When you’re parasailing with Cabo Expeditions, you’re secured in a harness and a life jacket. You can rely on our guides’ knowledge and experience. They’re trained to the highest standards of safety and comfort.

When you get the facts, your anxiety can evaporate:

  • Cabo Expeditions is certified by WSIA (the Water Sports Industry Association). We follow their strict operating and safety standards. We’re proud to be the only Los Cabos parasailing provider with all required guide certifications and safety equipment.
  • Our parasailing captain is one of the parasailing pioneers of Cabo San Lucas.
  • Our equipment (including the line to which you’re attached) is checked every day. We also pride ourselves on regular maintenance of our boats.
  • As a member of the WSIA, Cabo Expeditions invests in top-quality training and equipment.

Besides the equipment holding you secure and aloft, you’ll feel gentle, gradual, yet firm support from an invisible hand—the air.

5. Ease

No experience necessary. No technique required. When it comes to parasailing, you just sit back and relax. That makes it perfect for thrill-seekers and couch potatoes alike!

6. Unique Fun

With parasailing, you get to have your idea of fun, whether that’s sitting back and taking in the sights silently or whooping it up as you take on the thrill of flying. If you go with a friend or two, you’ll be oohing and aahing all the way up and laughing all the way down. And you thought it would be scary!

7. Widened Horizons

Literally! See the Pacific curving toward Asia. Witness nature’s monuments: the craggy end of the peninsula, the long arm of Baja California, and the Arch beckoning you into the Bay of San Lucas.

When you parasail, you widen your personal horizons as well. Trying something new is an experience that stretches you!

is parasailing scary

Banish Your Nerves

Still not convinced parasailing is fun for everyone? Don’t let your worry stand in your way!

  • There’s no jumping involved – Parasailing is one of the few ways to “catch air” that doesn’t pit you against gravity. You don’t have to jump out of an airplane to catch a bird’s eye view.
  • Scary is as scary thinks – Knowledge helps. The unknown scares us the most! Learning about parasailing, how it works, and the professional training and preparation of Cabo Expeditions could help you to take a risk that will pay off.
  • Check the weather – Parasailing is immediately halted by the Harbormaster if the weather looks questionable. Book your parasailing excursion for early in your vacation. If winds arise, you can re-schedule.
  • Choose a reputable, well-equipped operator.
  • Check out your gear – Does everything look to be in good shape? Don’t be shy to ask the crew about the equipment.
  • Communicate with your guides, and listen to instructions – Repeat the instructions back, so you and your guide know you understand. Demonstrate that you know the hand signals to communicate to the crew. Ask questions. When you’re sure you understand, you’ll be able to relax.

The stunning beauty of Cabo San Lucas and the seas that embrace it are best appreciated from on high. Parasailing gives you a spacious perspective. By yourself or with a friend, you’ll be far from day-to-day stress. And you’ll never forget that view!