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7 Things That Make Cabo San Lucas the Best Spring Break Destination

a glass of wine in front of a sunset

Breaking your brain on the books? In need of the best spring break ever? The spring break scene in Cabo is amazing; they don’t do it better anywhere else.

Cabo is synonymous with beaches, bars, tacos, tequila, water, waves, sports, and breathtaking beauty. No wonder thousands of students eager for a break flock here for spring break every year.

Why should you choose Cabo San Lucas for spring break? Let us count the ways!

1. Feel WARM

The average high in Cabo in March and April is in the low to mid-80s F—pleasantly warm but not too hot. If you do get too warm, just jump into the Bay of Cabo San Lucas, where water temperatures average 70° F.

2. See unreal scenery

At the end of the long, 500-mile Baja peninsula is the famous arch at Land’s End, a natural rock formation off Lover’s Beach. Look due south from here, and there’s nothing but ocean until Antarctica.

cabo san lucas spring break

At the edge of the creamy sand beaches is shimmering clear water, deepening to turquoise and then to a serene blue. A puff of a whale spout on the horizon could be the only cloud you see all day. Stay until sunset, and you’ll see the wide, clean skies turn orange.

3. Embrace the nightlife

The drinking age in Mexico is 18, which adds to the draw of spring break in Cabo San Lucas for some. Whether you’re in college or have been out for a long time, you’ll love the nightlife in Cabo if you appreciate a good party.

Broad, sweeping Medano Beach is party central, with its world-famous beach bars offering hot food and cold drinks. Down tequila shooters at Mango Deck, or join the crowd at The Office on the Beach. If it’s not quite nighttime yet, snag yourself a palapa (a shelter made of palm leaves) for shade.

Tabasco Beach Restaurant & Bar on Medano Beach offers a great view of Land’s End from their sun deck, and their menu is simple but delicious; think burgers and shrimp cocktail.

Wherever you go, be prepared with your drink order. Choose one of these classic Cabo drinks from all the colors of the rainbow!

  • Margarita – Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, salt rim
  • Piña colada – Pineapple juice, coconut cream, rum
  • Bay breeze – Vodka, grapefruit, cranberry juice
  • Caribbean rum punch – Lime, orange, pineapple juice, dark and light rum, grenadine for the color
  • Bahama mama – Rum, Kahlua, lemon and pineapple juice, grenadine
  • Mai tai – Rum, syrup, triple sec, sweet and sour mix, a cherry
  • Mojito – Rum, club soda, mint leaves, lime, simple syrup
  • Blue Hawaiian – Rum, pineapple juice, blue curacao, crème de coconut

The list goes on: hurricane, dirty monkey, electric lemonade, mudslide, lava flow, Miami vice, strawberry daiquiri, pain killer, blue lagoon, superman, rum runner, purple haze, tequila sunrise, cuba libre…

And beer!

You can get cerveza at all the beach bars. Some say the best beer-plus-view in Cabo San Lucas is by Medano Beach at Baja Brewing Co.

4. Munch on tacos and salsa + other gourmet fare

In Cabo San Lucas, fabulous Mexican food abounds, and it’s delicious! If you’re in the mood for American, hamburgers and steaks and eggs are widely available. You can find anything from cheap eats to world-class gourmet fare in Cabo San Lucas, but tacos made with fresh-caught local fish rule supreme.

5. Move to the music

Spring break draws top DJs to Cabo San Lucas for some of the best music. Electronic dance music is everywhere, from festival trap to tropical house. Cabo San Lucas also rocks to rock, hip hop, and traditional Mexican tunes.

Mid-March brings with it Cabo Music Fest. Big-name performers in EDM and house, trap, and hip hop include:

  • Galantis
  • Deorro
  • R3HAB
  • Thomas Jack
  • Uili Damage
  • Mendo Sandoval
  • Richard O

Clubbing and bar-hopping are easy on foot in compact Cabo San Lucas. ME Cabo resort hotel right on the swimmable Medano Beach is popular for their DJ-plus-pool parties and music at their new club, Blue Marlin Ibiza. Hear their music at 24-hour radio.

6. Explore

After a night in the clubs or on the beach dancing and drinking, a rest in a spa or a spell of yoga may be the most you’re into. Or you could go for a total change of scenery?

Take a day underwater, snorkeling with the fishes and turtles, where the only beat you hear is the beat of your heart and the sound of your own breath. Float along, weightless, without a care in the world as you snorkel in the crystal waters of quiet Chileno Beach. With colorful fish in abundance like you’ve never seen before, Cabo’s rich seas are a water wonderland.

Up for some thrills? (That don’t involve alcohol?) Whale watching is at its peak in the spring. Acrobatic, breaching humpbacks; friendly gray whales; and giant blue whales are just a few of the giants that crowd into the Sea of Cortez every year. Dolphins dance on the waves, and sea lions patrol their favorite rocks. Make your roomie back home jealous with a story of a friendly monster hurling its 30-ton body out of the sea with a massive white splash.

Every imaginable water sport known to man is available in Cabo, from boogie boarding and jet skiing to parasailing and cliff jumping.

Or get out in the famous Baja Desert. It’s a moonscape with jagged, peculiar landforms stripped bare by drought. At Wild Canyon, you can drive an ATV over rough terrain or fly along a zip line 300 feet above a craggy canyon. There are camel rides, a giant sling swing, bungee jumping, and up-close encounters with exotic animals.

7. See Mexico

Beyond the beach bars there’s another country: Mexico! Another (quieter) town, San Jose del Cabo, is just down the road, where Mexicans observe national and religious holidays in the spring.

March 21, the first day of spring, is celebrated as Mexican Independence Day, and Benito Juárez Day is a national holiday honoring the renowned former president known as “The Lincoln of Mexico.”

Holy Week is a huge celebration in this profoundly and traditionally Catholic country. The passion of Christ is celebrated in churches with the most important day of the year: Easter. Carnivals and parades, parties and fairs bring a rich atmosphere of fiesta to the streets.

The culture of Mexico is naturally celebratory and hospitable. And that’s truly what makes Cabo San Lucas the best spring break destination ever.