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How to Build the Perfect Cabo San Lucas Package for You!

A luxurious Cabo vacation without the decadent price? It’s possible! Expedia® claims when you bundle your flight and hotel in Los Cabos with them, you can save up to $603, and they’re just one of many options!

Join the billionaires on the beaches of Cabo by bundling your:

  • Airfare
  • Resort or hotel
  • Ground transportation
  • Meals
  • Beverages
  • Entertainment

We estimated savings for a Cabo vacation in early June—a bargain season—for two adults; let’s call them Jay and Kim. They’re from rainy Seattle, and they’re desperate to bake in the Cabo sun.

The path to a perfect Cabo San Lucas package starts here!

Before You Get Started, Remember…

When you’re comparing packages from different vendors, it can be a little like comparing apples and oranges because vendors offer different incentives. For example, Executive Members of Costco® can earn 2% annually on their Travel purchases. Many hotels add similar credits.

One way to make the comparisons easier is considering what components—flight, hotel, food, transport—cost when purchased separately. Usually a package is a better deal, but keep any eye out for hidden costs. For instance, some hotel websites add taxes and fees in later in the process, during booking.

Also be sure to check out our helpful Examples of Cabo Packages chart below!

How to Search: The Web

We started with Costco Travel as a benchmark to compare packages. We chose a week in June for Jay and Kim’s travels. In June the rates of high-season have gone down, but Cabo’s still enjoying very pleasant weather. For two people flying from Seattle, the price depended on when they flew; those numbers can change from day to day.

We explored aggregators like Expedia and for packages. Then we checked out hotel and airline websites.

If sailing the seas is up your alley, cruise lines are also great resources. Cabo Expeditions is a preferred cruise partner and works with well-known lines like:

  • Carnival®
  • Princess Cruises®
  • Celebrity Cruises®
  • Viking®

Who’s Going

Enter the number of adults and children going into the site you’re using. Group reservations are handled differently—look for a group page.

When You’re Going

The time of year you travel makes a huge difference in cost. Early summer is great for cash-savvy Cabo adventurers! The same packages that Costco offers in early summer they offer around Christmas and New Year’s for several hundred dollars more. Hotel rooms go on sale after the winter-whale-watching and Spring-Break seasons end.

cabo san lucas packages

What’s just as good as reasonably priced lodging? Amazing weather! Highs are in the 80s and 90s F during the day, but drop at night to the 60s. That’s perfect for a good night’s sleep after a day of playing in 80-degree water!

Ready to pick your flights? The time of day you travel is also important, so consider these questions:

  • How early are you willing to get to the airport?
  • How many layovers would you endure?
  • Can you get home to make your connections?

Be sure to select SAN JOSE DEL CABO airport in Mexico. You don’t want to end up in San Jose, California, USA!

And read carefully: Often the first and cheapest flights on offer turn out to be overnight adventures in airports like Provo, Utah or Mexico City. Consider how much time you’re willing to spend getting to Cabo. Momondo allows you to set the maximum flight time within your search parameters.

We found that, bought separately, airfare for Jay and Kim from Seattle to San Jose del Cabo came out to $844 for the two of them. This was not the cheapest option, but offered a decent schedule with fewer than eight hours of travel time.

Note: Competition for flights—and fares—heat up as summer vacation looms. So don’t delay your planning!

Where You’re Staying

Hundreds of hotels and resorts in the Los Cabos region mean you have tons of options. Momondo, an aggregator, cited 431 hotels when we searched for Jay and Kim! Fodor’s Travel listed 76: “Expect high-quality accommodations wherever you stay in Los Cabos—whether at a huge resort or a small bed-and-breakfast.”

Resorts and hotels line the dazzling beaches from Cabo San Lucas at the point of the peninsula up the Tourist Corridor of mega-resorts to the colonial town of San Jose del Cabo. With marvelous swimming pools, gourmet restaurants, elegant spas, and first-rate entertainment, many offer days of entertainment without leaving the property!

Resorts on the swimmable Médano Beach by the Marina in Cabo San Lucas charge a high rate for ocean-view rooms. If an ocean view from your room is important, try resorts further up the Corridor, as far as San Jose del Cabo. Getting from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas takes 30 to 45 minutes. If you’re staying in the Corridor, expect a drive of 20 to 30 minutes to Cabo San Lucas. Do add the cost of ground transportation to your budget.

Or you can opt for the Pacific side of Land’s End. Rough ocean conditions make for less-populated beaches, but you’ll find dazzling views and sometimes better deals as new, upscale resorts try to attract your business.

For example, Pueblo Bonito offered Jay and Kim a 10% discount for booking six months ahead of their vacation or $75 off, plus a $75 golf or spa credit for booking online. (Package offers shift from day to day, so you may find different opportunities when you build your package online.)

Tips & Tricks When Booking Accommodations

  1. When you’re looking at individual hotel websites, check on taxes and resort fees. Sales and local taxes add at least 19% to the base rate! Resort fees may be charged for parking, wireless, spa use, and so on.
  2. “Free refunds” may only mean “free” up to three days before your arrival date, so read the fine print if that refund potential matters to you.
  3. That super-cheap price that lured you in might be PIA (nonrefundable with payment in advance). It could still be a good deal, though, especially if you buy trip insurance in case of a medical emergency. Many credit card providers offer trip insurance, and some hotels allow limited refunds in case of adverse weather events.
  4. Sometimes incredibly low prices are only available to legally married couples (who can sign legal documents together), willing to listen to a three-hour timeshare pitch.

Where You Eat

cabo san lucas packages

Expedia lists at least 20 Cabo resorts that are “all-inclusive,” which means all the meals you eat on-site are included. If you want to eat a few meals in town, see if the resort you choose offers off-site meal privileges. Several are happy to provide credits for upscale restaurants near the Marina downtown.

How does an all-inclusive deal compare to paying for your meals?  The Playa Grande is reported to charge $13 for one order of nachos, $5 for a beer, and $90 to $110 for a dinner buffet for two people.

Jay and Kim are conservative eaters and drinkers. We figured their food and drink expenditure paid separately would total a modest $600 for the two of them for the 5 days of the trip.

Breakfast  $10.00
Lunch  $15.00
Snack or Drink  $10.00
Dinner  $20.00
Drinks  $5.00
TOTAL per person per day  $60.00

2 people x $60 x 5 days = $600.00

This is possible! Just check the local menus.

On the other hand, the all-inclusive options typically provide not only your meals, but also:

  • Drinks (including alcohol)
  • Taxes
  • Tips
  • Entertainment

Note: Many Cabo enthusiasts find the interesting, diverse foods and colorful restaurants and bars to be half the fun of the trip—or more. In fact, Mexican food has even been added to the Intangible Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO. If you live to try new things, the all-inclusive option may not be adventurous enough for you.

How You Get Around

Even if you plan to stay at your resort all trip long, you still need to get there from the airport. Many packages include hotel transfer, but if you were to buy separate components, know that some shuttle companies charge between $40 and $80 per person. Locals know to hire a shared airport taxi from the airport to downtown Cabo San Lucas. Hotels in San Juan del Cabo and the Corridor are even closer to the airport.

What You Do for Fun

Many packages offer some form of entertainment, but we recommend getting out and about to explore what Los Cabos has to offer! Snorkeling and kayaking among the colorful sea life of the Cabo coast are a must, and seeking thrills on Wild Canyon’s zipline and bungee jump will refresh your spirit.

cabo san lucas packages

Cabo Expeditions offers 15% off when you book with us online and further discounts when you bundle adventures. And always check the bottom of our pages for the Promo of the Day!

Go Forth and Compare!  

Spending some time exploring the combinations of lodging, amenities, transportation, and meals is worth it. When you’re relaxing in an elegant, refreshing, world-class resort and exploring beautiful Cabo—all within your budget—you’ll be so glad you found the right package for you!

cabo san lucas packages