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Cabo San Lucas Is the Best Place to Spend the 4th of July: Here’s Why

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Stars and stripes, fireworks, beaches, bikinis, and barbecue are the makings of a classic Fourth of July celebration. Did you know you can find them all in Cabo San Lucas?

Americans have been coming to Cabo San Lucas since at least the 1950s. Creative greats like John Wayne and Ernest Hemingway needed private planes and long-range yachts to get here. Today you just need a plane ticket! About 1 million Americans visit Cabo each year.

It’s one of the most exotic and diverse destinations easily reached from the U.S.

Declare Your Independence

Ditch the same-old Fourth of July celebration you have every year, and embrace your spirit of adventure by vacationing this year in Los Cabos, Mexico! Join the 30,000 U.S. citizens who live here year-round in celebrating your homeland’s birthday. You’ll find everything you need for a fabulous Fourth of July vacation: fabulous parties, plenty of time to lounge, and opportunities to enjoy the company of friends and family.

You’re freed to choose your best adventure, on land, by sea, in the air—and by the food!

All-American Fun on Land

1. Off-road ATVs

The name “Baja” conjures a rough-road adventure for the wild and free, rough and ready independent American. Rugged paths over desert and beach are calling. Invite family and friends to have fun together in our two-person ATVs.

2. Golf

Summer in Cabo features sun and a dry warmth—averaging in the high 80s to mid-90s—tempered with cooling breezes off the sea. This reliable and near-ideal weather has made Los Cabos a golf mecca. World-class golf courses draw champions from around the globe. The Palmilla Golf Club led the way with Mexico’s first Jack Nicklaus Signature layout, and others soon followed. What’s better than spending a little time on the green for the 4th of July?

Feel Free on the Sea

cabo san lucas in july

Cabo’s perfect weather exalts water sports. Water temperature in July is in the 80s—balmy and irresistible. What better way to celebrate your independence than feeling free on the sea? Every imaginable water sport is available for you to enjoy. Fun with family by the water is a classic Fourth of July scene. Add tropical fish and a dolphin or two, and you’ve got Cabo!

1. Snorkeling

The turquoise water of the Sea of Cortez is so clear it’s breathtaking. The abundance and variety of marine life is legendary. Game fishing is what brought Hollywood Americans John Wayne and Bing Crosby here in the fifties. The Sea of Cortez is still one of the richest seas in the world, with 800 species of fish alone. A better way to see them than fishing is snorkeling!

2. Kayaking

Paddle a clear-bottom kayak out to the dramatic rock outcropping at Land’s End. Taking a photo of your family framed by the famous Arch is the quintessential Cabo experience and a great way to remember your 4th of July. Bring a snorkel mask along, and go beyond the boat!

3. Surfing

Great surfing can be found on the Pacific side of Cabo, the East Cape, and the Corridor between them. Waves come from many directions, making for an awesome Independence Day adventure. “Old Man’s Beach” is a great place for beginners near San Jose del Cabo. Rent a board, and hire a local expert to steer you to the best places—and even teach you a thing or two!

Adventure in the Air

1. Parasailing

The best way to take in the dazzling scenery of Cabo San Lucas is from the air. And what could be more fun—and free from gravity—than parasailing? From a bird’s eye view, take in the rugged desert mountains tumbling down to the dazzling aquamarine sea. You’ll feel as free as the iconic American bald eagle!

cabo san lucas in july

2. Wild Canyon: Zip-Lines, Bungee Jumping, Sling Swinger

Wild Canyon’s deep gorge invites thrill-seekers who want speed, the wind in their hair, and a touch of risk to season their Independence Day. Bond with your family in a shared experience you’ll be remembering every 4th of July for years to come.

Indulge in Festive Food and Fun Parties

1. Food

Mexicans love a good party and know how to throw one. If celebrating the Fourth of July means eat, drink, and be merry to you, Cabo is the perfect place.

Traditional Mexican food emphasizes fresh fish, and taco stands abound for delicious, cheap meals. La Michelada is famous for its pozole on Thursdays. Pozole is a savory stew of hominy, pork, and chile-laden seasonings. But you’ll also find plenty of classic American hamburgers and steaks, hot dogs and barbecue in Cabo.

2. Parties

Perhaps the most famous bar—and the longest—in Cabo San Lucas is Cabo Wabo, founded by Van Halen lead singer Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker). Cabo Wabo is air-conditioned—a big plus in July—and takes dinner reservations, so you can avoid the long lines for rock music at this popular venue.

For the full what-happens-in-Cabo-stays-in-Cabo experience, try the notorious El Squid Roe. One travel writer cautions in Fodor’s Los Cabos and the Baja Peninsula: “If you have any religious sensitivity, moral convictions, a hard time letting loose, or a heart condition, you may want to think twice before entering El Squid Roe!”

For an atmosphere that’s a little tamer, plus top-notch music, check out the avant-garde Blue Marlin Ibiza® Los Cabos at the Melia Hotel on Medano Beach. They fly in top DJs to spin the latest electronic dance music, trap, house, and hip-hop. (Listen here!) You’ll end your 4th of July with the best beats in Mexico!

Appreciate History!

On the 4th of July, Americans look back and celebrate the courage and wisdom of their founding fathers. Did you know, Mexican and American histories have a lot in common? Both peoples threw over their European colonial masters. Americans rebelled against the British, while Mexicans fought off the French and Spanish.

If a Cabo-San-Lucas 4th of July sounds like the perfect way to embrace your independence and feel your freedom, it’s time to book your flight for this busy flying holiday. The earlier the better! The good news is, high season for hotels is in winter, so summer brings favorable rates.

Need help or advice planning your Cabo 4th of July? Talk to one of our travel experts live. We’ll help you plan the best Independence Day.