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Here’s Exactly How Cabo Expeditions Makes Your Cabo Experience Unforgettable

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How does going on a Cabo excursion with Cabo Expeditions make an unforgettable memory? Experience makes the difference!

  • Our experience: You can rely on our years of knowledge and professional training. Cabo Expeditions is the leading provider of eco-adventures for all.
  • Your experience on a Cabo excursion: You get choices no other tour company in Los Cabos can offer.

Our Experience: Guarantees You the Best and Safest Excursion

When you’re in a foreign country, maybe for the first time, how do you choose a tour company? You want to entrust your safety and hard-earned dollars to enterprises that have a solid reputation and proven track record of delivering a quality experience.

How does Cabo Expeditions compare? We are the “Goldilocks” of tour operators—not too small, not too big.

Not Too Small

Cabo Expeditions is an established, reliable firm with 20 years of quality service. Unlike more casual operators, we have established a physical presence with our central office on the Marina in Cabo San Lucas. We won’t disappear overnight, and we’re not just someone’s boat tied up to the dock.

Our staff is large enough to provide adequate support to every tour. Professional standards guide our policies and practices, as outlined by the international Adventure Tourism Development Index. We are the only Cabo San Lucas tour operator with active membership in the Adventure Travel Trade Association, which provides ongoing training and professional education.

Not Too Big

But Cabo Expeditions is no cog in a multi-city chain, like some of the larger operations you’ll find here. No distant corporate headquarters pressures us to squeeze profits from our customers; that means you’ll never feel pressed to buy more than what makes your experience in Cabo exactly what you want it to be!

Other companies may claim they’re eco-friendly, but we mean it. We refuse to exploit captive marine mammals for entertainment. Nor do we stress animals in the wild to entertain customers. On the contrary, we rescue whales and are the only company allowed to do so.

We keep our tour and excursion groups small, so the quality of your experience stays high. And since we’re local to Cabo, with roots in the community, we’re experts in all the fun things you can do here!

Las 5 Cosas Que Hacen Cabo Expeditions un Escoge Exelente

We at Cabo Expeditions pride ourselves on five key elements of excellence:

  1. CHOICE – We offer a wide range of activities and eco-adventures to celebrate the natural beauty of Cabo, on land and sea.
  2. RELIABILITY – You can trust our nearly 20 years of experience. Our reliability has made Cabo Expeditions the trusted choice for contracts with hotels and cruise ships. Trip Advisor has awarded Cabo Expeditions their Award of Excellence.
  3. SAFETY – Our captains know these waters. They spot the changes in current and sea conditions. They know the reefs and rocks. In addition to this expertise, we have staff trained in emergency response.
  4. SMALL GROUP SIZE – There are two good reasons we keep our groups small: 1. It’s a better, more intimate experience than a big commercial vessel top-heavy with 100 passengers, 2. Smaller groups mean less stress for the marine animals we visit.
  5. STEWARDSHIP – Our sensitivity to the environment and commitment to its care is legendary. We’re the only tour operator in Los Cabos authorized by the government to rescue whales entangled in fishing nets. We put the genuine “eco” in eco-adventure!

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Your Experience: Something for Everyone

Cabo waters cradle so much marine life. You don’t want to miss any of it! We provide a way for everyone to enjoy it, no matter their age or interests.

Of the 17 excursions we offer, there are 2 you can only get with us: Cabo Submarine and SNUBA®. And they both make for unique and unforgettable adventures!

Cabo Submarine

If you want to kick back, stay dry, and relax while you spy on the underwater drama, try a 75-minute cruise aboard Cabo Submarine! It’s a semi-submersible, glass-bottom boat. Banks of windows line the lower deck below the water line, giving you a one-of-a-kind view of the underwater world.

For the first part of the cruise, you relax on the upper deck in the ocean breeze. We’ll stop at Pelican Rock, where you can go below decks to view undersea creatures. Next, we’ll check out the famous rock called Neptune’s Finger. Here, the Pacific Ocean mixes with the Sea of Cortez, and together they generate a huge abundance and variety of sea life.

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When you go below deck, you can sit in dry comfort as you gaze into the undersea wonderland. Get eye-to-eye with friendly striped sergeant majors, spotted puffers, comical balloon fish, shape-shifting octopuses, and glorious aqua and pink parrotfish with their coral-crunching buck teeth.

Then we’ll motor over to Land’s End, where you can move back upstairs and snap that iconic shot of the Arch!

Everyone—from babes in arms to Gramps and Grandma—can experience the beauty of the hidden ocean world in the comfort of Cabo Submarine.


SNUBA (snorkel + scuba) is for the wannabe scuba diver in everyone. This popular new sport, offered only through Cabo Expeditions, lets you skip the weeks of training and heavy gear scuba diving requires, making it perfect for a first-time “diver.” You don’t carry your air system on your back. Instead, a compressed air cylinder floats on the surface of the water above you. You’re connected to it by a long hose. Just like a scuba diver, you’ll use swim fins, a mask, weights, and a diving regulator to get the best experience possible.

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You won’t go as deep as a scuba diver, but you can go deeper than a snorkeler can—up to the length of the 30-foot hose. It’s up to you! You’re in control as you explore the rocky underwater nooks and crannies and follow wayward fish.

Choose What’s Fun for You!

Maybe you don’t swim, or scuba diving is tough because of its fitness demands. Our special excursions with Cabo Submarine and SNUBA make it so everyone can access the beauty that lies under the sea. And you can only experience them with Cabo Expeditions!

And there’s more! Explore the desert as well as the sea. Exercise your inner daredevil. Soar above Cabo’s beauty. You can do any and all of this with our other awesome excursions, including:

When you’re planning a trip to Cabo, choose the experiences that will create truly unforgettable memories. How do you do that? With unique tours and excursions. Cabo Expeditions makes that easy. Want to learn more? Chat live with one of our experts!