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Our Experience Makes Your Experience the Best.
For twenty years, Cabo Expeditions has been leading the scene in Cabo San Lucas whale watching. We pioneered the …

Price: $85/person Photos

Whale Watching Experience

Whale watching:

Experience the Excitement in Spacious Comfort.
Thanks to the warmth and richness of our seas, every year, different types of cetaceans come here to provide a …

Price: $75/person Photos

Whale Concert

Whale watching:

Feel the Sound, Live Their Music
Some enchanted evening, you will hear a stranger in the deep blue sea—a whale calling his soulful song. On Cab…

Price: $95/person Photos



Be a Bird Over Land’s End
Second to none, Cabo San Lucas parasailing is at its best with Cabo Expeditions! Nothing beats our fun, safe, and …

Price: $55/person Photos

Snorkeling & Clear Bottom Kayak Tour

Kayaking and snorkeling:

Explore the Sea of Cortez from Above and Below
Cabo Expeditions doubles your fun when you paddle to a famous Cabo San Lucas snorkeling spot in …

Price: $77/person Photos

Beach Hopper Snorkeling Tour

Kayaking and snorkeling:

The Best Snorkel Beaches in Paradise
Shimmering turquoise waters and sparkling golden sand; snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is a dream. Your chauffeur will pick you …

Price: $79/person Photos


Kayaking and snorkeling:

Go Beyond Snorkeling
SNUBA® (snorkel + scuba) adds the gift of breathing underwater to the ease of snorkeling—without scuba diving’s heavy, technical gear and long train…

Price: $110/person Photos

Cabo Submarine

Underwater adventures:

Your Family’s Window Into Paradise
Stay dry in an underwater adventure in Cabo? Keep your clothes on for a front-seat view of the marine life of …

Price: $55/person Photos
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Special Local Rates

Island expeditions:

Residents of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo can take advantage of our special local rates. Get at least a 40% discount on …

Price: $/person
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