Zodiac Whale Watching Adventure

Cabo San Lucas

Our Experience Makes Your Experience the Best.

For twenty years, Cabo Expeditions has been leading the Cabo scene in whale watching. We pioneered the service, starting with just two boats and a big heart for whales. Today we field thirteen boats, with fifty staff members—all English-speaking—to provide adventurers with the best possible whale-watching experience.

Why Choose Cabo Expeditions for Whale Watching?

  • We offer TWO unique whale watching excursions that provide amazing, up-close encounters with whales!
  • We accept only small groups, to guarantee the personal service you deserve.
  • Our guides are certified in emergency response training to keep you and your family safe.
  • “Save the Whales” is more than a slogan for Cabo Expeditions—it’s a job description. We’re dedicated to rescuing whales in trouble
  • We’re the only tour operator in Los Cabos trained and authorized to do this serious work.
  • Our loyal staff reflects our values of respect and fairness. Many have been with us since our beginning. This goodwill spills over into a heartfelt courtesy and care for our guests.
  • Our conservation campaign Cabo Consciente and day-to-day operations demonstrate a respect for the environment in every small thing we do.

Experience Whales Up Close and Personal With Our Zodiac Whale Watching Adventure

whale-landing-1-660x348A day of action and adventure with a small group is the essence of the Zodiac Whale Watching Adventure. When it comes to spotting whales, our years of experience on Cabo seas give us an edge. If we sight something like a spout, fluke, froth or splash that spells “whale,” we zip to the place. Our famously fast and stable zodiac boats—favorites of Jacques Cousteau—bring us closer than larger vessels.

We provide that up-close and personal experience with whales you’ve always wanted, with respect for the animal’s comfort zone and the laws for endangered species.

The acrobatic humpbacks are favorites, but you could also see gray whales or even the world’s largest animal, a blue whale. Thirty-two species of whales and dolphins have been counted here in winter. Brush up on your whale behaviors: breaching, tail lobbing, spy-hopping, fin-slapping, diving. What acrobatics will you witness today?

Our Customers Love Us!
“Terrific experience. We saw a lot of whales very close to the boat. Claudio was an excellent pilot and Mareya a very good guide!”


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8:00 a.m. Monday-Sunday December 15 through April 15
10:30 a.m. Monday-Sunday December 15 through April 15
1:00 p.m. Monday-Sunday December 15 through April 15
3:30 p.m. Monday-Sunday December 15 through April 15

Tour Details


Ages 5 years and up


Maximum of 15 guests per boat, multiple boats available.


You will be picked up directly from your hotel by your guide and a chauffeur in our air-conditioned van.

What’s Included

  • Round-trip ground transportation from your Los Cabos hotel in a comfortable, air-conditioned van
  • A certified whale watching guide
  • soft drinks and bottled water

What’s Excluded

  • Gratuities

Requirements & Restrictions

  • Minimum age is 5 years old. Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • This tour is not allowed for guests who are pregnant or those with heart, back and/or neck problems.
  • No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is allowed on the tour.
  • Depending on weather and wind conditions, the ride can be bumpy.

What to Bring On your Whale Watching Trip

  • We suggest comfortable clothing and a light jacket for the boat ride.
  • Sun protection and a water-proof camera are recommended.

Did You Know?

  • There are over 80 varieties of Cetacea – whales, dolphins and porpoises in the world; and over 20 varieties can be found off Cabo San Lucas.
  • An orca or killer whale is not a whale.
  • The largest animal ever on the planet is the blue whale, whose heart is the size of a small car.
  • Although occurring less than 1% of the time, whales can have twins.

The Cabo Expeditions Difference

whale watching in cabo san lucas

A Little About Our History…

Cabo Expeditions was founded by Oscar Hector Ortiz Garcia, in 1997. He studied Tourism Administration in Mexico City. This background grounded the business in a thoroughly professional approach. As a young man with just enough money to buy one boat, he set up shop in Cabo. He introduced professional whale watching to the Cabo community.  Over the years, the business grew to thirteen boats and fifty employees.

Rescuing entangled whales became an important part of the operation. He relates how he felt about rescuing a humpback tangled in a fishing net. “I was able to at look at it eye-to-eye, soul-to-soul. When I hugged her and kissed her above the eye, I felt she was grateful for our help.”

It’s that kind of personal relationship with whales that drives everything Cabo Expeditions does. Today our dedication to the whales of Cabo takes a personal, hands-on turn. Rescuing whales in trouble has become our mission, as whales become entangled in fishing line and nets. Entanglement has become a major threat to whales worldwide.

In these waters, Cabo Expeditions is the only official whale watching tour operator authorized by the Mexican government to rescue entangled whales. We know how to keep both the rescuers and the animal safe in what can be a difficult situation. From 2000 to 2016, Cabo Expeditions has freed nineteen whales. Our Zodiac boats, famous for their speed and stability, are at the service of the Cabo marine community and the whales that make their winter home here.

Cabo Expeditions’ commitment to the highest level of customer service has sealed our reputation for courtesy, efficiency, and value. We’ve been rewarded with customer satisfaction returns that inspire us to continue the level of service we’ve come to be known for.

We’ve built an international following with our dedication to safety, hands-on concern for the marine environment, and celebration of the region’s unique natural riches.