About Armando Figaredo

Armando Figaredo’s mission is clear: “I have traveled to almost every corner of Baja California Sur. My intention is to continue to educate and fight for the safeguarding of this region’s biodiversity.”

Armando Figaredo - courtesy of Tendencia Magazine

He’s the son of “The Rabbit”—radio and TV pioneer Germán Figaredo. Armando produces TV programs, notably “Expressions of Los Cabos” on channel 628 of SKY, televised in 50 countries.

Figaredo studied tourism administration and journalism. He fell in love with La Paz and Loreto and worked for FONATUR (National Fund for Tourism Promotion). Later he founded Communicabos to produce documentaries. In 2002, Figaredo was recognized with the first annual journalism award in B.C.S. for reports on shark fishing.

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