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Snorkel in crystal clear waters and explore some of the best beaches in Los Cabos. Our zodiac boat will take you on a scenic ride to Santa Maria Bay and Chileno Beach, passing beautiful beaches dotting the Los Cabos shoreline. After 30 minutes of snorkeling at each location, head over to Lover's Beach for some fun, sun and sand. Your tour includes a light lunch and a visit to other famous sights like Land's End, the Arch, and the Sea Lion Colony.

Photos $74 Adults
$58 Kids ages 5 to 10

Explore the islands made famous by John Steinbeck in his Log from the Sea of Cortez. Ride in a zodiac boat from island to island, then snorkel or kayak from the beach. Our naturalist guides will share with you the flora and fauna of each island, from rattle-less rattlesnakes and barrel cacti to whales and migratory birds. You’ll see spectacular geologic formations while paddling in pristine waters, and discover our colorful Baja heritage. From snorkeling with sea lions to kayaking, hiking and bird watching, this is a unique journey of exploration, learning, and appreciation.

Photos $2095 Base trip fee
$30 Park fee (mandatory)
$158 Optional one-way ground transfer

Espiritu Santo Island Expedition is an outdoor lover´s dream! Snorkel with sea lions, explore the island’s strange wildlife, and swim with countless tropical fish. Taste the culture of Baja as you sample traditional local cuisine. When you join Cabo Expeditions on this day-long, guided adventure, you’ll discover why Espiritu Santo Island is called the “jewel of the Sea of Cortez.” Could it be for its pristine beaches, rich and diverse ecosystem, or mysterious history? You decide!

Photos $199 Adults
$137 Kids ages 8 to 10

Swim alongside the largest fish in the world! At around 30 feet long, these giants of the sea may look imposing, but they’re actually gentle, filter-feeders that aren’t dangerous toward divers. Your Cabo Expeditions tour guide will take you on an amazing, up-close encounter with enormous whale sharks as they slowly glide through the water in search of the tiny plankton and krill that they feed on. Gently and slowly swimming near the surface, these docile creatures will allow you to approach them without risk!

Photos $175 Adults
$95 Kids ages 8 to 10
$95 Non-swimmers

Explore the beauty above and below the Sea of Cortez on your 2-person, sit-on-top, clear bottom kayak. Follow your guide along the beautiful shores of Los Cabos passing unspoiled beaches, breathtaking landscapes, the famous Arch, Lovers Beach and the Sea Lion Colony. Then dive in for a guided snorkel adventure after approximately 45 minutes of kayaking.

Photos $74 Adults and Children ages 8 & up

Second to none, Cabo parasailing is at its best with Cabo Expeditions! Nothing beats our fun, safe and exciting parasailing adventure. Take in the sights including Land´s End, Medano Beach, and Cabo San Lucas Bay below you as you float quietly above it all. The near-perfect Cabo San Lucas weather with year-round sunshine makes this tour a real treat. You and your family are safe with us when you choose Cabo Expeditions for your parasailing activity.

Photos $53 Single
$106 Tandem
$11 Companions (Boat ride only)

Sample a bit of everything in our Colors & Flavors of Los Cabos City Tour. Take our air-conditioned van to explore Cabo shopping, culture, history, and sightseeing. Spice it up with authentic Mexican food and tequila tasting. Then explore Cabo’s renowned sea life from a semi-submersible submarine. With over 15 years’ experience, Cabo Expeditions is the leader in Los Cabos tours.

Photos $93 Adults
$47 Kids ages 5 to 10

If you can walk and breathe – you can Sea Trek®! Walk underwater in zero gravity, immersed in the famous sea life of the Sea of Cortez. A lightweight helmet connects your air supply, making it easy and safe for anyone 8 years old and up. No special training required, just your bathing suit!

Photos $79 Adults and Children ages 8 & up

SNUBA® (=snorkel + scuba) adds the gift of breathing under water to the ease of snorkeling—without scuba diving’s heavy, technical gear and long training. The beauty of tropical sea life opens up as you enter a realm once limited to certified divers. After only 15 minutes of instruction, follow a Cabo Expeditions expert guide into the wonders of the Sea of Cortez.

Photos $79 Adults and Children ages 8 & up

Who says you can’t walk on water? You’ll feel that way when you’re stand-up paddling next to Cabo’s famous rock arch, El Arco. At Land’s End you’ll enjoy this popular new sport in a setting of surreal beauty. Cabo Expeditions expert instructors will get you started on just the right board for you.

Photos $89 Adults
$74 Kids ages 8 to 10
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  • The Cabo Expeditions spirit

    First and best is the spirit of Cabo Expeditions

    In this age of greenwashing, it's hard to know what's the real deal and what's corporate "adspeak" when it comes to eco-tourism. At Cabo Expeditions, we work hard to make as little impact on the natural environment as possible. And we stay ahead of the pack with new and unique tours no one else in Cabo can offer. Read more  




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